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THANK YOU  for coming to this page.

Supporting our work by becoming a patron need not break the bank.     

We are looking for a large number of small supporters to help meet the financial demands of our activities. 

As little as £1 a month will go a long way, and we like the idea of people giving a pound here and a pound there on a regular basis.

For example,  £5 a month will pay for 30 minutes of rehearsal time in a hall for up to 35 youngsters.Training and Rehearsal are a very large part of what we do.

£10 will pay for a day’s storage and office rental.  We have a lot of equipment which goes out into the community and secure, dry storage is essential.

If you'd like to set up a standing order to make a monthly donation direct from your bank account, please click on the document below, add your details and send it to your bank. They will do the rest and as it's a standing order rather than a direct debit, only you can change the amount or cancel it.

If you run a business and would like it to be associated with the Circus as a sponsor, please get in touch. Our activities can be sponsored on a series or stand-alone basis, and there are many ways for us to fly your flag for you as we deliver our work.

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Wessex Community Circus CIC is a community interest company.

Wessex Community Circus CIC, Unit 2B, Minton Distribution Park, Amesbury, SP4 7RT

Telephone  01722 340440